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    yourself (what happen in!)


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    yourself (what happen in!)

    Post  astiidulle on Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:58 pm

    long.. long.. long..

    i had good and bad times
    i've been up down and even in between
    i had problems in the past
    simple trouble of being teen
    i don't have much talent
    i can't play a guitar
    i can't dance even sing

    i tried to change my image once by wearing lots of things
    i tried to be good than yesterday

    i'm a poser and a fraud and fake
    i loved playing words,
    talk and much
    i've lived my life to the fullest so far
    i haven't quite lived the lifestyle of a rich and famous star
    i felt like a kid again running around carefree
    i lied to someone to closed my fault

    i feel pain i feel hurt
    i'm called
    psycho mental crazy and insane
    i laugh .. i cry ..

    my favorite colour is pink
    my music taste is pop
    a tissue every so often to wears
    i like to be different unique rather than same
    i admit it
    i'm nerd
    i don't care if you call me nerd

    i'm a loyal friend even you ever need me
    i followed a few trends
    i must confess
    i hate to lose
    i can't live without music
    and thats a fact
    i get a créme frappucino,
    a good way i cope with anger is hittin pillow and screamin

    call me whatever if make you happy
    but i'd freaky happy if you call me asti or dull
    they call me,
    strong, loving and much a-talking-shit
    my life may seem awesome or boring
    it's just the way look at things

    you know what else i like to do ?
    D E A T H
    umm, yeeaaahh
    -die !

    enjoying the loneliness,
    astii Smile

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